goTracker White Label GPS Tracking Platform with source code

the most complete, customizable and full-featured
White Label GPS Platform with Subscriptions & eCommerce sales website, Apps & Server admin panel


Subscriptions & e-Shop website + Tracking apps + GPS server platform


Brand, logos, colors, icons, toolbar, plans, permissions, payments... a real White Label platform!


Includes all standard GPS features + new and innovative features not found in any other platform.

Enter with your own brand in the GPS world with your Apps and a Subscription & eCommerce website.

goTracker is the all-in-one business tracking solution where you start by selling your GPS products and subscriptions.

Ready made sites for your GPS product or application

Fleet, asset, people, childs, pets, bikes, boats, helicopters, sport competitions... fully customizable for any tracking application, product and need.


iOS and Android


Mac, Windows, Linux


iOS and Android


iWatch and smartwatch

Apps work on any smartphone, tablet, pc and smartwatch

No need to install any native app from the stores! goTracker apps are PWA, the latest technology used to develop and deploy apps... and always up-to-date.

Admin panel

Server dashboard

Admin panel

Web site and app layout

Admin Panel
control & customize platform

Control any function of the web site, apps and platform. White Label: customize brand name, logos, labels, buttons, icons, toolbar & layout, theme color and a lot more.

What we offer and makes goTracker different from all other White Label platforms

4 different and innovative geofences

Static, fixed, on-the-fly geofences and our innovative dynamic geofence that moves with the device.

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Device auto-configuration

No more hassle to setup the GPS device with difficult or unknown commands. Choose manufacturer and model, insert the SIM phone number and send an SMS to automaticaly configure the device.

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Push & Whatsapp notifications

Receive alerts, messages and SOS with native Push Notifications. Not only SMS and email, but also Whatsapp notifications!

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Web site, apps, payments, admin panel

A complete ready-to-go platform to start immediately your tracking business.

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3 different payment gateways

Charge your customers accepting payments and subscriptions with major credit cards, PayPal and Apple-Google-Microsoft Pay.

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Free GPS simulator app

With our free PushnTrack app you can simulate a real GPS device! For some applications where you do not need to buy an hardware device, you can use our PushnTrack... and also use it to send and receive SOS and push notifications.

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Multi-language and RTL support

12 different languages and a complete support for Left-To-Right and Right-To-Left layouts.

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Multi-view trackings

Single view, multi-screen view, multi-devices view, heatmap view, dashboard view, route & follow view, timeline view.

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Multiple Maps and Views

The apps support multiple maps from different providers like OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Open Cycle Maps, Open Cycle Transport, and a lot others. Multiple views like street, hybrid, satellite and terrains.

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Real responsive layout and Mobile friendly

Flexible layouts, flexible images and the apps are fully adaptable to any device, browser and to any resolution.

Check Google Mobile Friendly Test now!

Device remote control

Directly send commands to a device with a virtual remote control!

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Open for Customization

Any client has different requirements and our team can help you to find the best customization for any application.

We host, you host... you decide!

Based on the plan you choose, our software can be hosted on your own server or on our cloud server with full maintenance. And you can run different applications like assets, people, pets on the same server and database.

Unlimited, Modular & Customizable

goTracker has powerful options & tools, unlimited configurations, responsive framework and amazing support. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible tracking experience.

Four different account registration options based on your product and application

Your customers can register and login app using one of 4 different registration options.
You can choose the account registration method basing on your application and option you prefer.
Automatic importing of lists of pre-assigned IMEIs and Emails.

Registration by Email

Register an account with a pre-inserted email.

Registration by IMEI

Register an account with a pre-inserted IMEI number.

Registration with Subscription

3 different payment gateways available in the platform: PayPal, Stripe and Apple-Google-Microsoft pay.

Free account

If you sell a GPS device or service and want to offer a free account registration.

Compatible with 1500+ GPS devices and 190+ protocols

goTracker supports tracking devices from all major hardware manufacturers and is the only one platform with a complete automatic device configuration, no commands to know!


View the whole list of devices and their supported features.
If your device is not on the list, contact us and we will add it.

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Some our complete solutions created with goTracker:

subscription and e-commerce sites + apps + server platform & admin panel

TRACKING PETS - subscription site


Keep track of your pet’s location, activity and more.
diggyTracker is the tracker platform solution for cats and dogs.


Custom features for pets

Train pet to come back on its own ringing the GPS device.
Track activity with details how much exercise your pet gets per day.
Pet's secret life with a detailed heat map, you'll get a clear picture of your pet's most frequented places every day, week or month.



Several types of subscriptions based on duration and number of animals.

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Keep track of your loved one’s location, health status and more.
geoWatch is the tracker watch for child, parents and people with alzheimer's disease and dementia.


Custom features of the platform

One-click SOS to send push alerts with the current position.
Two-ways voice communication.
Precise heart rate and blood pressure monitor.
Pedometer tracking, essential for health-care monitoring.


Shopping Cart & Subscriptions

A complete shopping solution to sell products and subscriptions.

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TRACKING LOVED ONES - subscription site


Keep track of your loved ones' location, activity and more.
snapTracker is the tracker platform solution for childs and loved ones.


Custom features for childs and parents

FREE Push&Track app to simulate with your smartphone a real GPS device.
“Virtual fences” around specific zones to control whenever your child enters and/or exits them.
"Dynamic fence" specific double safe zone for school buses and childs.
Track any number of childs, no limit. Connect more parents, father and mother, grandparents and overseers.



Several types of subscriptions based on duration and number of child and parents.

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With goTracker you get our FREE app to simulate a real GPS tracker for iOS and Android

Do you have a tracking application where you do not need to sell or buy a GPS hardware device or tracker?
...or don't want to carry a traditional GPS tracker in your pocket?
We offer you a FREE app to simulate a real tracking device, simply using your smartphone.
PushnTrack runs in the background, restarts when device reboots and minimally affects the energy consumption of your smartphone battery.
You can also use it to receive instant push notifications and send SOS alarms.

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Push&Track login

goTracker Support

Get our complete support when you need it.
Have a question about goTracker or tracking marketing? Our team is here to help 7 days a week via phone, live chat and email.

Get in touch with us

24/7 Support

Our 24x7 support team ensures that we are available to assist our clients at all times. Prioritised support and help desk for business customers.


With our RESTful API you can integrate third-party software. It allows your applications and devices to fully interact with goTracker Platform through standard HTTP requests. Based on industry-standard REST principles.

FREE Setup

No technical skills needed, our engineers will setup, customize and run software for you.

Source Code

If you want to have access to all our source code (PHP, Javascript, CSS and other) ask us for a contact and offer.