Geofences - 4 different and innovative geofences


Set up geofences around specific zones in your app and receive a notification whenever they enter and/or exit these zones.
You can set up as many zones as you want: the school, your home, the football club, your best friend’s house…
3 different types of Shapes with countless Colors and any Size.

Fixed geofence

Setup as many fixed geofences with any color and shape: circle, square, area.
Give them priorities, tags, and activate/de-activate them with a single click.
Select and edit them directly on the tracking map.

Fixed geofence

Static geofence

Create an AUTOMATIC static geofence in the same tracker position and based on a fixed radius.

Static geofence

Dynamic geofence

An innovative and unique dynamic geofence!
Create an automatic and dynamic geofence, based on your position and based on your device's position.
This geofence moves dynamically with your device and when it moves out your geofence, you get a notification.
This is a great feature to control 2 devices or a smartphone and a device, that move together in the same direction.
Perfect for pets tracking and school bus tracking.

Dynamic geofence

On-the-fly geofence

Create instant geofences on-the-fly, right clicking directly on the map.
Setup a predefined radius and create a geofence directly on the tracking map.

Point-and-click geofence

Any shape any color and a lot of options

  • Circle, square, area.
  • Any color or a pre-defined saved color palette.
  • Define an overlay geofence priority.
  • Enable/disable Enter Zone, Exit Zone and Reverse Geocode.

Get started with goTracker Geofencing and control your devices!

Imagination is the limit of how what you can do with geofences. And a fast, scalable and flexible way to get started is the goTracker platform.
What’s the benefit of using our platform:

  • Unlimited amount of geofences, size and shape

  • Ability to edit the geofences on-the-fly and getting over the native amount limitations

  • Ability to choose one or multiple geofences all in combination