White Label platform

Customize brand name, logos, labels, buttons, icons, toolbar & layout, theme color and a lot more.

White Label

We have specifically developed a White Label platform for GPS trackers to provide services to software distributors, affiliates and resellers.
It comprises of an entirely rebranded software, carrying the partner’s preferred icon-sets, color palettes, language, web layout, sales site, and a ton of customizations.
Out aim is to provide you all the software tools and add-on to start your own tracking business today, no matter if vehicles, persons, assets, pets, or other applications.

Our technology, your brand!


Customize feel and look of the toolbar, enable/disable buttons and menus. You choose if any account can have his own personal toolbar or same for all in platform and apps.

Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar

Icons, pins & symbols

One of the best ways to completely change-up the look of your tracking map screen is by using an icon pack. You can choose from our several icon packs your best for your application needs. Pre-defined icon packs for pets, assets, cars, trucks, personal, and a lot more for any color.

Icons Icons


The theme-color provides a way to customize yor apps and sales site. Use custom color palette to customize the display of the page or of the surrounding user interface. Pre-defined theme with fixed colors or gradients, or any color you need. Change the color of the toolbar, buttons and labels.


Tracks and Pinpoints

Define color and size of the tracks. Choose arrows style and custom pinpoints with any color.

Tracks and Pinpoints
Tracks and Pinpoints
Tracks and Pinpoints
Tracks and Pinpoints

Brand name, logos and background

Enter your company name and choose your favorite logo for the apps, invoice, and login page. Add your favorite background to both apps and sales site.

Logo Brand Favicon

Screen layout

Create your own app and web layout, with fixed or floating header/footer, compact sidebar and boxed layout.


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