Multi devices

goTracker apps are PWA - Progressive Web Apps
the latest technology used to develop and deploy apps

No need to install any native app from the stores!


A PWA launches and gives users meaningful content regardless of network conditions. The level of offline functionality depends on the application – goTracker apps will be able to function completely offline, while other native apps display meaningful placeholder data informing the user that they are offline. In no case the application breaks or becomes unresponsive.


Progressive Web Applications are able to adapt to different screen sizes and orientations, ensuring that the user experience is great for all users. goTracker apps have a good responsive design that helps to ensure that your application will continue to work with new devices in the future.


Traditionally, native applications have been much more engaging than web applications. Having an icon on the home screen makes it easy to get into the app and push notifications can help alert the user of important information that requires their attention. With Progressive Web Applications, users can now get the same benefits with web apps!


Progressive Web Apps are secure by default. The technologies powering PWA require apps to be served over HTTPS to work.


53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! And once loaded, users expect them to be fast—no janky scrolling or slow-to-respond interfaces.

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One app, every platform!


Progressive Web Apps allow you to deliver user experiences that rival native apps without having different development teams and needing to deal with distributing binaries and updates. By focusing your efforts into building one app, you can deliver better UX and PWA technologies are championed by the big hitters: Google and Microsoft. All Android devices are PWA compatible and Microsoft is building several of its next generation apps like Outlook and Teams as PWA. Apple is also implementing support, which will ship in Safari 11.1 and iOS 11.3.